Event calendar 2018 - 2019


  • Master kick-off days: during these days new master students from the programs Marketing (ESE), Data Science & Marketing Analytics (ESE) and Marketing Management (RSM) will be introduced to the university & its campus, the city, and MAEUR. Companies have the opportunity to provide goodies for roughly 400 master students.
  • Commercial Break: four companies present insights about their marketing campaigns. Each presentation is followed up by several of the best commercials of the year. The event ends with a networking drink.


  • Online Marketing Event: two companies present a real-life online marketing case that will be solved and presented by multiple groups of students. The day ends with a networking drink.


  • Erasmus Marketing Thesis Awards: four of the best marketing students present their thesis. Representatives of a company give a short presentation and are part of the jury that picks the winner. 
  • Reinventing Marketing in the Digital Era: a selection of the world's leading tech companies present their ideas on what the future of marketing in a digital world will look like. This event is organised in collaboration with Turing Society Rotterdam.


  • Trend Event: four companies present their perspectives on and experiences with the trend of this year: Artificial Intelligence. The evening ends with a networking drink.


  • Advertising Day: three advertising agencies will work together with multiple groups of students, to solve a real-life case. At the end of the day, the groups will present their solutions, and there will be a networking drink.


  • Meet the Elite: a series of six guest lectures where company representatives in senior positions talk about a marketing topic that matches course materials. In attendance will be at least 300 students, both bachelor and master. 
  • Speed Dating Event: each of the 18 companies present at this recruitment event will get the chance to have 15 minute one-on-one conversations with every participating student. Between speed dating rounds, the students will take part in workshops. The day ends with a networking drink.


  • Study Trip: companies have the opportunity to facilitate a company visit in the European city of the year, or can sponsor the trip by having their company logo on the Study Trip sweater.
  • Big Data Challenge: one or two companies present a real-life dataset and case that will be solved and presented by a group of students. The day ends with a networking drink.


  • MAEUR Marketing Management Event: during this day, second-year bachelor students from Business Administration at RSM will get hands-on experience with marketing. Companies will briefly introduce themselves to all 400 attendants, and subsequently present a case to a group of roughly 40 students. The students will solve the case and present their insights. 
  • Marketing Conference: this day is built up out of three different components; speaker sessions, workshops, and a career fair with drink. As this is the biggest marketing event on campus, it presents companies the perfect way of getting in touch with Erasmus University's marketing-minded students.