You have reached the finish line… Or not? To forestall an abrupt end between the Marketing Association EUR and you we have created MAEUR+, our alumni community, which is for all former active members and former board members of MAEUR.  MAEUR+ has been set up to maintain a valuable relationship between the Marketing Association EUR and its alumni and to stimulate on-going communication among alumni. By hosting social events we encourage our alumni to catch up and to share old memories. Each year we organize the following events for all MAEUR+ members:

  • Dinner for former boardmembers, that takes place on the last Friday of September each year;
  • Reunion, for all MAEUR+ members;
  • One other varying activity for all MAEUR+ members.

Next to these activities that are organized for MAEUR alumni only, you will receive invitations to several other MAEUR events that take place throughout the year. These might include the Marketing Conference and the MAEUR Trend Event. 

In other words, with MAEUR+ we are striving to give something back for your year(s) of commitment as an active member. Furthermore, we also have a LinkedIn group that you can join via this link.

When your active membership at the Marketing Association EUR ends, you will automatically be registered for MAEUR+ membership. For more information regarding the MAEUR+ membership, you can contact the Secretary & Vice-President at