• Meet MAEUR's 50th Board

    The 50th Board of MAEUR

    MAEUR's 50th Board 

    The 50th MAEUR board would like to proudly introduce itself.

    On the 23rd of May, we were made known at our board announcement drink. We have been working at the MAEUR office since June, and we have been officially installed at the general members' assembly on the 14th of September (wissel-ALV). We hope to get to know you over the coming year!


    Rink Teertstra - 50th President of MAEUR (third from right)

    Naomi Hoekert - 50th Vice President / Secretary of MAEUR (third from left)

    Casper Meijer - 50th Treasurer of MAEUR (second from right)

    Esther Pieters - 50th External Relations Coordinator of MAEUR (second from left)

    Anna Timmerman - 50th Projects Coordinator of MAEUR (right)

    Andrew Gebhard - 50th Marketing Coordinator of MAEUR (left)