• Meet the Committees: Big Data Challenge!

    Media Committee

    It’s been a hard day’s night. While The Beatles already sang about it years ago, it perfectly sums up our current student lives. Now that we’re all starting to find our way within this academic year, it seems like the perfect moment to introduce you to those hard-working students within MAEUR. You may have seen the promotion of MAEUR events on campus, however, a lot of the action takes place ‘behind the scenes’ by the various committees. This year, the committees will all work long days and nights in order to help MAEURreach its fullest potential!

    In the next couple of weeks, we are putting every committee in the spotlight. The committees were asked to collectively answer 10 questions in order to get to know them a little. So, what are you still waiting for? Scroll down and let’s get started! ↓

    Today, we’re meeting the Big Data Challenge Committee!


    The committee consists of (left to right):

    1. Vlad Tasca – Marketing Coordinator

    2. Livia Arzini - Chairman

    3. Edmond Thaqi – External Relations Coordinator

    4. Stephanie de Jesus – Day Organization Coordinator

    1. Describe this committee with a #


    2. How old is this committee (all ages added up)?


    3. Where is each member of the committee from? (Nationality-wise)

    Dutch x2, British-Portuguese, Romanian, Albanian

    4. What are your goals for this year as a committee?

    To be the best event of 2019

    5. Which emoji fits your committee best?

    The nerd- emoji (big data, duh)

    6. What is your groups favourite 90s television show?

    Mr Bean

    7. Everybody in the committee gets to add one drink into a mix drink. Describe what the final drink would look like and give it a name.


    • Chocomel

    • Gin-tonic

    • Wodka

    • Rum

    Look: It would look brown-ish

    Name: Students’ Breakfast

    8. Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls?

    Backstreet Boys

    9. If this committee could be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past, which one would you choose? Why?

    Future, then we would live in space because of global warming

    10. What are you looking forward to the most this year at MAEUR?

    The best event of 2019 (see answer question 4)