Activity Committee

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Activity Committee

The Activity Committee organizes the social activities for the active members of the Marketing Association EUR. This committee is the center of all MAEUR committees and connects active and passive members with each other. The events the committee organizes include the monthly marketing drinks, Active Members Nights, and the Active Members Weekend. Nevertheless, as a member of the Activity Committee, there is enough room to be creative and come up with an entirely new event! Roles and responsibilities within the committee vary according to the events you will organize.

The Activity Committee is the perfect committee to get to know the Marketing Association EUR, become socially active, test your organizational skills, and have a great year!


  • Who: Bachelor 1, 2, 3, and (pre)Master students 
  • Workload: Part-time (4 hours/week)
  • Duration: October ‘22 - June ‘23 
  • Language: EN and/or NL


  • Chairman
    The Chairman functions as an intermediary between the board and the committee, being the contact person for the Secretary & Vice-President of the MAEUR board. Among the responsibilities of a chairman are scheduling and leading committee meetings, monitoring the tasks of each individual committee member, and the overall planning processes.
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator (1x)
    The Marketing & Communication Coordinator is responsible for marketing and promoting the activities, as well as for the communication with participants.
  • Day Organization Coordinator (2x)
    The organizers are responsible for organizing activities for the active members of the MAEUR. Roles and responsibilities within the committee vary according to the events you will organize. 

Application process
The applications for this committee are opened, you can sign up via our Committee Registration page!