International Consultancy Project Board

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International Consultancy Project Board

The International Consultancy Project (ICP) offers students the possibility to develop leadership skills and put theory into practice while gaining international experience during a trip where they conduct market research. Each year, six consultancy companies participate in this project, each deciding on its own research destination and hence distinguishing ICP from other research projects. Within a diverse team, students get the chance to go to an exciting destination during the summer for 3 to 6 weeks to conduct high-end research.

The ICP board consists of five members each responsible for one of the research teams when travelling abroad. Among previous destinations were Australia, India, China, Vietnam, Canada, Turkey, Brazil and the USA. Altogether, the main tasks of the ICP board include the promotion of the ICP, the successful acquisition of the projects, and the preparation and execution of the different researches. Besides that, the board also is in charge of the recruitment and selection of the participants (November - December), as well as organizing an ICP weekend for all participants.

Please note that a personal fee applies to cover part of the travel expenses.


  • Who: Bachelor 2, 3 and (pre)master students
  • Workload: Part-time (12-14 hours/week)
  • Duration: October ‘22 – October ‘23
  • Language: EN and/or NL


  • Chairman
    The chairman functions as an intermediary between the board and the participants, being the contact person for the Project Coordinator and Treasurer of the MAEUR board. Among the responsibilities of a chairman are scheduling and leading board and participant meetings, monitoring the tasks of each individual board member and participant, and coordinating the overall planning processes.
  • External Relations Coordinator (2x)
    The External Relations Coordinators are responsible for the acquisition of companies, an activity crucial to the success of the ICP. This includes leading the contact with the companies and being responsible for the content of the acquisition brochure. Other tasks consist of organizing sales training for participants and making weekly acquisition schedules.
  • Marketing & Research Coordinator
    The Marketing & Research Coordinator is responsible for marketing and promoting the International Consultancy Project during the first few months. Among these tasks are developing an attractive campaign for both students and companies, creating an acquisition brochure and a program booklet, as well as posters, flyers, presentations and keeping the website up to date. During the project itself (after the marketing campaign), the Marketing & Research Coordinator is responsible for the research conducted by participants as well as for the end result of the research proposals, including both their format and quality. Additionally, they are the direct contact person of the professor who is guiding the ICP, ensuring smooth communication.
  • Internal Coordinator
    The Internal Coordinator is responsible for all the communication with applicants during the recruitment period, as well as the scheduling and preparation of interviews. During the project, the Internal Coordinator is the main contact person for all participants, keeping in touch with them regarding the progress of the projects. Other tasks include the organization of the ICP weekend, taking place at the end of January and all other social activities related to ICP.

Application process

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