The Bachelor Consultancy Project consists of three teams of 4 students. By joining this project, students will get the opportunity to gain working experience and apply their knowledge and skills in practice, while conducting research for large companies in the Netherlands.

Not only do they work with real life cases, they also have the chance to go to the headquarters of these companies where they can expand their professional network. Moreover, this project is part of the minor period. All students can apply for this unique experience during the minor application period in Bachelor 3 at RSM and ESE. So while gaining experience they also gain their ECTS (15 for students of RSM and 12 for ESE). Keep this project in mind and maybe you will get the chance to be one of the participants next year!

For more information, check out the Bachelor Consultancy Project brochure. If you have any remaining questions concerning the Bachelor Consultancy Project, please send an e-mail to

Application Process
The applications are currently closed.