Bachelor Consultancy Project

What is the Bachelor Consultancy Project?

The Bachelor Consultancy Project (BCP) is looking for ambitious students for a challenging study option or extracurricular activity. Together with two or three other students, you will work as a real student consultant and help a company with a current and real-life business problems. The BCP gives students the opportunity to conduct research for an interesting company. The project will be supported and evaluated by a professor of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Why BCP?

The Bachelor Consultancy Project is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience within a company, in order to develop yourself professionally in various aspects.

By participating in the BCP, you will:

  • Gain experience as a student consultant
  • Put your theory to use in the practical setting
  • Strengthen your analytical and management skills
  • Learn to make and maintain contact with companies in a professional manner
  • Broaden your network and come into contact with your potential employers
  • Upgrade your CV
  • Learn to work closely with a team for an extended time frame
  • Become a member of MAEUR: get inspired during different events and meet new people during member activities

As a third-year student (academic year 2023-2024), you will be able to integrate the Bachelor Consultancy Project in your regular study program in Block 9. Students who study at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) will receive 12 ECTS, where BCP will count as an internship in Block 1 of Bachelor year 3. Students who study at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) will receive 15 ECTS for participating in this project, where BCP will count as a free choice in Block 9. During the entire project, you will be evaluated by an academic professor of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

The process

Augustus - September: Preparation

At the end of August or early September, the project will start with preliminary research and the first meeting with the company. By visiting the company you will know for whom you are conducting the research and all questions can be answered.

September – October: Desk research

You will start with the actual research in September. During this phase of the project, knowledge and data is gathered about the company and the market. Both internal company information and external (internet) sources will be used.

October – November: Field research

During a period of 6 to 8 weeks you will conduct field research in the relevant market. You will investigate the market by gathering information from all kinds of different stakeholders. For example, you will interview clients or experts and conduct surveys.

November – December: Completion and reporting

The results of the desk and field research will eventually be combined and documented in a final report. This consultancy report must be submitted to the professor and the company in early December. To conclude your research, you will present your findings to the company.

 BCP participants of 2022


More information?

The selection of participants will be made based on your CV, motivation, and an interview.

For questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to Marieke van Rossem at

Applications are currently closed and will open in 2023!