For how many hours a week will I be involved in the Bachelor Consultancy Project?

The workload of this project is equal to that of a minor. This will therefore be around thirty hours a week. Due to the practical nature of the BCP, the schedule will be more flexible than that of minors – you can plan your schedule together with your group and the company itself.


Can I do the Bachelor Consultancy Project instead of a minor?

For this project you will receive 15 ECTS as an RSM student and 12 ECTS as an ESE student. For the other faculties, the award of ECTS must be verified via the Examination Board. The project has the same timeframe and workload as a regular minor and for RSM students it is rewarded with the same amount of credits. 


How does the registration process work?

Students can register via the MAEUR website: In order to register successfully, you must upload your CV and short motivation in addition to filling in the requested information. The registration deadline for the Bachelor Consultancy Project is 16 May 2021. After registration you will be invited for an (online) introductory meeting. The selection of participants will be made based on your CV, motivation, and the interview.


Which company will I be doing the consultancy project for?

This will be announced shortly before the project starts. We work together with a variety of organizations who we consider to be a great match for business and economics students. 


I am not in the Netherlands, is that a problem?

In case that you are in a country other than the Netherlands due to COVID-19 concerns, it is still possible to participate in the Bachelor Consultancy Project. If you cannot be present in person, we will make use of techniques such as video calling, virtual company visits, and working together in the cloud. This way, you will still be able to take part in this unique experience and gain valuable consulting experience.

I have already registered for a minor, is that a problem?

It is still possible to register for the Bachelor Consultancy Project. This is because you can deregister for your minor(s) after you have been selected as a student consultant within the BCP. In addition, the announcement will be before May 31, so you can also register for the minors afterwards.