International Consultancy Project

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International Consultancy Project

Applications are currently closed. Sign ups will open again in 2023. 

The International Consultancy Project (ICP) is the most exciting and notable project organised by the Marketing Association EUR. It offers students the possibility to put theory into practice while gaining international experience during a trip where they conduct market research. Around 5 companies participate in this project, each deciding on its own research destination and hence distinguishing ICP from other research projects. Within a diverse team, students get the chance to go to an exciting destination during the summer for a few weeks to conduct high-end research. The main tasks of the participants include the successful acquisition of the projects and the preparation and execution of the different researches.

Are you ready to go the extra mile?

What will you gain?

The International Consultancy Project offers you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and apply your research skills in practice. You will gain international experience by conducting market research with a global focus and you might even go abroad during the summer for the field research. Furthermore, you will work closely together with your teammates and learn how to be a real team player in an international team. You will work on your sales skills and have the possibility to broaden your network since you will actively approach corporations. Overall, you will get to develop yourself personally and professionally whilst experiencing how it is like to be a consultant.

Who are we looking for?

Most important is that you are an ambitious student with dedication and energy to make this project a success. We are looking for students with an analytical and/or creative mindset. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply. In the past students ranging from Economics, Business Administration, Marketing Management, Strategic Management to Data Science took part in the ICP.

What distinguishes ICP from other projects?

Full package: Participants are involved in every step of the process, meaning that after the kick-off they start with the acquisition and are guided through delivering practical market research proposals. Therefore, the participants will have a major impact on the entire process. The project continues with the desk research and field research. Finally, findings are to be reported and presented to the executives of the client companies.

Professional & academic: With more than 20 years of experience the International Consultancy Project has established a solid reputation within the business world. To ensure our reputation of high-quality research we are guided by academic support from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


December - April: Acquisition and Research Proposals

May - June: Desk Research

June - August: Field Research Abroad

September: Finalise Report and Company Presentation 


Read Louis’ Story: 

Do you want to hear why Louis thinks the ICP is a great experience? Read all about it below!

  • Working on a hands-on project that can be implemented in real life by companies.

The outcomes of the research we presented to our company (ASICS) were implemented at the European level and shared with all marketing managers across Europe. This outcome was the foundation for the creation of the ASICS Tennis Academy which was launched in September 2020, one year later.

  • Expanding your network and getting in touch with professionals. 

Our team was regularly in contact with the marketing manager and the PR manager. Thanks to ICP I was able to obtain an internship position at the firm in order to implement the project, and was later offered my first job at ASICS on this project. I would never have thought that ICP would lead to such opportunities.

“I would never have thought that ICP would lead to such opportunities.”


  • Improving your skills.

Pitching the ICP project to more than 70 companies myself helped me improve my communication skills and work on my pitch in order to find the best way to approach managers with cold calls and gain their attention despite the difficulties faced.

Louis Rouach
ICP participant 2018-2019


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So do you want to go the extra mile by…:

  • Working on an interesting globally oriented project?
  • Gaining valuable, extracurricular experience besides your studies?;
  • Mastering new skills for your career?;
  • Learning how to communicate professionally with companies?;
  • Meeting new people from diverse backgrounds?


Applications are currently closed. Singups will open again in 2023. 

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us at 

Please note that a personal monetary fee of €600 (including €100 deposit) applies.

1st installment: €250 (includes deposit, trainings, activities and ICP weekend)

2nd installment: €350 (pocket money for the trip abroad)

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