Dear visitor,

As you have all noticed, the developments surrounding the Covid-19 virus are going very fast. As MAEUR, we are actively following all the regulations and messages brought out by the RIVM and the Erasmus University. As both corporate- and governmental policies have tightened and our utmost priority is the safety of our members, we will take appropriate measures for our upcoming events that comply with the code of conduct communicated by the RIVM and the EUR. 


We hope to continue organizing events for you throughout the academic year. For the following months this will include Commercial Break (08-09-2020), the Active Members Weekend (06-11-2020/08-11-2020), and the postponed Lustrum Gala (20-11-2020). However, we need to monitor the developments and follow government instructions. Sadly, we are not sure about what the following months will look like, but we will, of course, inform you and all the involved parties again if there are changes that lead to other actions. The most recent updates will be shared on this webpage, so please keep that in mind.

For all of our events, we take the Covid-19 measures very seriously. For example, at for our first event (Commercial Break) we will work with masks, multiple shifts for entering the location, and 1.5 meters distance. As a board we cannot take responsibility for all of our 800+ members but we will encourage everyone to respect the regulations at our events. Our goal is to organize high-quality events and often we think that a real-live setting is the most beneficial for all parties involved. However, safety is our first priority and if necessary, we will host events and activities online. 

The MAEUR office

The f.t. 52nd Board has recently started working at our office again and aspires to continue doing so as long as the Erasmus University allows it and considers it safe. In case we are not able to be at the office physically, you can always reach us at our e-mail addresses and personal mobile numbers.

Thank you in advance and we trust to have informed you sufficiently. In case you have any questions, feel free to send an email to