Dear visitor,

The developments surrounding the Covid-19 virus are quite volatile and prone to drastic change. As the MAEUR, we are actively following all the regulations and messages brought out by the RIVM and the Erasmus University. As both corporate- and governmental policies have tightened and our utmost priority is the safety of our members, we will take appropriate measures for our events that comply with the code of conduct communicated by the RIVM and the EUR. 


We hope to continue organizing events for you throughout the academic year. For this year this will consist of (in chronological order) the Trend event (20/01/20201), Advertising day (17/02/2021), Speeddating event (16/03/2021 & 24/03/2021), Neuromarketing & Innovation event (14/04/2021), and the MAEUR Data Conference (27/05/2021). We will monitor the developments and follow government instructions. Sadly, we are not sure about what this year will look like, but we will, of course, inform you and all the involved parties again if there are changes that lead to other actions. 

For all of our events, we take the Covid-19 measures very seriously. This is why our first three events will take place in a virtual environment. Our committees work very hard to make sure that these events maintain their benchmark of quality and to organise these events as engaging and interesting as possible. As a board we cannot take responsibility for all of our 800+ members but we encourage everyone to respect the regulations at our events. Our goal is to organize high-quality events and often we think that a real-life setting is the most beneficial for all parties involved. However, safety is our first priority which thusly means that we will host some, if not all, events and activities online. 

International Consultancy project

One of our most prominent events is the International Consultancy Project (ICP). This project is comprised of the following process components: Acquisition, desk research, field research, research report. As mentioned before, safety is our first priority, but we do see relevance in real-life settings. This is why we currently keep the option to travel abroad in July 2021 open (in small groups of ~5 participants). We have faith that the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has a more positive outlook at that point, meaning that small groups could be able to travel to another country to perform field research. However, this predicted optimism cannot be guaranteed and it is possible that the situation in this time period still does not allow for safe international travel in which case the option to field research unfortunately will be revoked. Our ICP committee is working very hard to make sure that the quality of the project is maintained during this year even if field research cannot be part of the experience. Even if travelling would not be part of the project, measurements are in place in order to guarantee valuable consultancy experience for an internationally-oriented company as well as general experience working on such a project. Thank you for your faith and understanding.

The MAEUR office

The 52nd Board is currently working from home and aspires to start working from our office again when the Erasmus University allows it and considers it safe.

Thank you in advance and we trust to have informed you sufficiently. In case you have any questions, feel free to send an email to