Date:  Thursday, December 3, 2020

Start: 16:00
Until: 17:30

This is the year of trying out new things and coming out of certain comfort zones. This is why we are happy to announce our first series of activities within ‘Macademy’. This is focused on added educational value to the student experience. We aim to organise various activities to broaden or deepen knowledge in a multitude of subjects with our first three events focused on entrepreneurship under the name ‘The start-up series’. Here we invite three start-up companies to explain about how they started and what they do on separate three days respectively. This means that a single session will be fully focused on that specific start-up. We have invited different types of start-ups to diversify the knowledge that will be offered to you.


Below you will find an introduction of the second start-up in the series, Woov!
Check them out here!

Session 2 - Woov (16:00-17:30)

Although it has been some time since anyone has been able to go to a festival, many have fond memories of them and are eager to attend the first one after the current crisis has been overcome. Woov is a company that aims to solve many of the issues people run into at festivals (e.g. finding your friends). They are ‘a social festivalplatform’ aimed to maximise the streamlining of the festival experience. Not only do they cater to festival attendees, they also try to give organisers anonymised insights into relevant datastreams from the users. They have three main focal points: Music, people, and location in order to answer the question: ‘What is the most fun party for you?’. You can either have the most fun at the stage, or with similar people at an area to relax.

Woov was founded back in 2016 and due to the nature of the platform has been able to scale-up quickly to other countries as well. They have more than a million users and are very popular in The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, and The United States and are often the official app for a festival.

Since there are no festivals or even parties (at least in The Netherlands), it is challenging to retain the original business model of the platform, which means that they are constantly innovating their product. Right now, Woov has teamed up with multiple online festival formats in order to maintain what they set out to do: maximise the experience of users. In our session, Reinout de Roos (Co-founder & COO) and Nicolas Basoalto (Marketing Coordinator) will give insight into growing a customer base for free by giving insights into their own experiences.

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