Date:  Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Marketing is a source of value to people and companies, but too often it is seen as unethical, manipulative or annoying. Do you also disagree?

The Advertising Day 2018 is the ultimate example of marketing that makes a positive impact. You will get the chance to work on an advertising challenge provided by the international NGO War Child, and count on insight and guidance from professionals of the accomplished
advertising agencies Friends for Brands, Iris and Dept. Below you can find a short description of the participating agencies and charity:

Friends for Brands
Friends for Brands is a brand activation agency that creates friends for brands that matter. They develop strategies, branding and activations to make complex things simple again and difficult subjects fun. They have developed projects for The Ocean Cleanup, Erasmus University Rotterdam and NLvoorElkaar, among others. More information about Friends for Brands and their work can be found here:

Dept is a digital agency that combines creativity, technology and data. They create services, develop brands and transform them to make them truly relevant. To achieve this, they mix creative storytelling as understood traditionally with the best of what technology has to offer. They have worked for brands such as BOL.COM, TUI and Chocomel. Find more information about Dept here:

The agency Iris wants firms to move forward. They help brands and business who realise that maintaining the status quo is a dangerous thing to do these days. They work with brands to find their competitive advantage in the face of change and disruption. Their work encompasses creating brands, products, propositions, experiences and services. Iris has 14 locations across the globe, among which we find London, New York and, of course, Amsterdam. Iris Amsterdam recently conducted projects for Philips, Heineken and Adidas. Find out more about Iris here:

War Child
War Child is a charity dedicated to protecting and speaking up for children affected by war. They care for children in conflict zones around the world, aiming to reach them as early as possible when a conflict breaks out, and stay on to support them. The organization strives to keep them safe, give them education and equip them with skills for the future. War Child puts these children at the centre of everything they do. Read more about War Child here:

To top it all off and bring out your creativity, we will spend this spring day in the urban farm Uit Je Eigen Stad! The day will end with drinks which gives you a great opportunity to network with War Child and the participating agencies.

Curious how you can create a positive impact with marketing? Apply then with your anonymous CV before 29 April 2018.


When: 09/05/2018
Where: Uit je Eigen Stad, Marconistraat 39, 3029 AG Rotterdam
What time: 9:30h to 17:00h
Price: €5.00 (members), €7.50 (non-members). If you are not selected to participate in the Advertising Day, the participation fee will be reimbursed.



MAEUR members (€5.00) can register here;

Non-MAEUR members (€7.50) can register here.


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