Location:  Rabobank HQ Utrecht
Date:  Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Are you interested in finance and/or data science? Search no further, we’ve got you covered! The 3rd of December MAEUR and AEclipse collaborate in organizing an in- house day at one of the Netherlands’ largest banks: Rabobank! Rabobank is not just a financial service provider for more than 8.5 million customers in 40 countries, they also aim to contribute change with their “Growing a better world together” mission by financing the Dutch education sector annually and working together with development banks investing in emerging markets.

This day will revolve around the theme “Early Warn- ing Indicators - Detecting a Financial Crisis”. With a focus on Data Science and Credit Analysis, this day is filled with interesting case studies that help you expand your skillset and knowledge in detecting and analyzing financial risk factors early on.

Are you enthusiastic and eager to take on this amazing experience? Apply here!