Date:  Wednesday, April 14, 2021

MINDBLOWN: Exploring Brain Data

Great to see that you are interested in our Neuromarketing and Innovation event!

With neuromarketing slowly but surely gaining its foothold in the applied business environment it is as good a time as any to delve deeper into this exciting field of study. Over the course of two days the Neuromarketing & Innovation Event will introduce the Neuromarketing landscape from both the academic as well as the business perspective. Sign up now for the Academic Talks and join one of the Business Cases.


13th of April | Academic Talks | 10.00 - 12.30 (GMT+1)

Prof. Dr. Ale Smidts, director of RSM’s Erasmus Center for Neuroeconomics and pioneering researcher in the field of neuromarketing, will talk about the definition and goals of neuromarketing, the main neuroscience methods applied in neuromarketing research, and common misconceptions.

Dr. Alexander Genevsky, former business consultant for IBM Global Services and human factors researcher in Silicon Valley, will review the origins, examples, and current state-of-the-art in neuroforecasting research. He has recently been awarded the 2020 EUR Fellowship.

Dr. Hang-Yee Chan, postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam and former visiting research scholar at Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania, will offer a primer on the latest advancement in consumer neuroscience; the use of machine learning techniques to analyze brain responses.


14th of April | Business Cases | 10.00 - 13.00 (GMT+1)

Alpha.One | Where Neuroscience meets Machine Learning (AI). 

In partnership with RSM, Alpha.One helps brands achieve goals by clarifying and predicting consumer behavior. They recently launched predictive eye-tracking platform Ingrid Nieuwenhuis, Head of Science at Alpha.One, and former researcher at the R&D of Facebook, will talk about her experience in the industry and the use of EEG, eye tracking and machine learning to predict visual attention.


NN Investment Partners | Asset manager of NN Group N.V

Dr. Roeland Dietvorst, Lead Behavioral Scientist at NN IP, and Amber Heijne, Senior Behavioural Scientist at NN IP, will talk about neuroforecasting and the psychological, computational, and neural underpinnings of decision-making. 


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