Date:  Monday, November 23, 2020

This is the year of trying out new things and coming out of certain comfort zones. This is why we are happy to announce our first series of activities within ‘Macademy’. This is focused on added educational value to the student experience. We aim to organise various activities to broaden or deepen knowledge in a multitude of subjects with our first three events focused on entrepreneurship under the name ‘The start-up series’. Here we invite three start-up companies to explain about how they started and what they do on separate three days respectively. This means that a single session will be fully focused on that specific start-up. We have invited different types of start-ups to diversify the knowledge that will be offered to you.


Below you will find an introduction of the first start-up in the series, Breeze!
Check them out here!

Session 1 - Breeze

(23rd Nov.)
From: 16:00 until 17:30

Whether you use dating apps or not, you might have heard from this start-up! Breeze is a company that revolutionizes the current dating app market by going back to basics: dating. Many current alternatives focus heavily on the ‘chatting’ aspect of dating and lose sight of what dating is in the first place: undertaking an activity with another person. This is exactly what they offer in their app. You can still swipe left or right, but if you get a match, Breeze sets up the date for you and your match and you are only able to start talking once you’ve both arrived at the place of the chosen activity!

Breeze started in fall 2019, just before the current Covid-19 crisis, but have had success regardless. In their session they will talk in-depth about how they started the company, the company in its current state, how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted them and the way they have dealt and are still dealing with it. Additionally, they will provide you with some hands-on practice through a custom-made workshop.

Although they are not directly impacted by the closing of restaurants, bars, museums and other ‘date locations’, this obviously has had major indirect consequences on what they are able to offer. Join the session on the 23rd of November to learn all about Breeze and how to survive a crisis as a start-up.

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