MAEUR Drink #4: Baasborrel

Location:  Apartt, Blaak 4
Date:  Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Time: 21:00 (for active members: 20:00)

Are you familiar with Dutch traditions yet? Come find out about one of our country's most remarkable holiday: Sinterklaas! During our fourth MAEUR Drink of the year, we will celebrate Sinterklaas; known as a festivity with presents, poems and a similar present-giver as Santa Claus called Sinterklaas

The feast of Sinterklaas celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas on the 6th of December. The feast is celebrated annually with the giving of gifts on St. Nicholas' Eve (5 December) in the Netherlands. The story around the festive day is that Sinterklaas' servants, called Pete's, come through the chimney at night to give presents to children. Therefore, children always put their shoes at the chimney at night, sing Sinterklaas songs, and include a small present for Sinterklaas (mostly a carrot for it's horse, which he rides on the rooftops). The next morning, the present for Sinterklaas has been swapped by a present for the children. 

Join us for a celebration of this festive day and you might even spot Sinterklaas!! ;) Sign up and get your first two drinks for free!

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