Psychological Marketing Event

Date:  Wednesday, May 10, 2023

OPEN TO: All bachelor & master EUR students with an interest in marketing

Deep Dive into the Consumers Mind

The Psychological Marketing Event brings students together with diverse backgrounds including marketing, psychology and economics. We offer the exclusive opportunity to participate in the first edition of the first-ever student-organized Psychological Marketing Event at EUR. The novelty of this event is augmented by MAEUR’s 50 years of experience and the support of our distinguished professors from Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

This year's theme "Deep Dive into the Consumers Mind" creates an opportunity for companies, researchers and enthusiastic students to interact and exchange views about the newest developments in the field of consumer behaviour. Pioneering researchers will introduce the theoretical underpinnings of consumer behaviour and discuss recent developments, especially in marketing. After understanding the theoretical frameworks the companies will explain how they apply marketing psychology to understand and influence consumer behaviour. Our goal: bringing you together with the most passionate people in the field of consumer behaviour! 

The presentations will be followed by a networking lunch, allowing you to expand your network and talk about career opportunities. 

Signups will open soon.