Macademy: the start-up series

This is the year of trying out new things and coming out of certain comfort zones. This is why we are happy to announce our first series of activities within ‘Macademy’. This is focused on added educational value to the student experience. We aim to organise various activities to broaden or deepen knowledge in a multitude of subjects with our first three events focused on entrepreneurship under the name ‘The start-up series’. Here we invite three start-up companies to explain about how they started and what they do on separate three days respectively. This means that a single session will be fully focused on that specific start-up. We have invited different types of start-ups to diversify the knowledge that will be offered to you.
Some practical information:
-       The event is free to attend
-       The sessions will take about 1-1.5h and will take place online
-       The maximum number of participants is 20. This is to make sure that the companies will also be able to answer questions more in-depth as well as have a more personal connection with the attendees.
-       The dates of the three sessions are: 
November 23rd (Breeze)
December 3rd (Woov)
December 8th (Dapper Rhinos).

You can sign up for one or more of the sessions here.