Jelle van Santen

1. Who are you?

Hola! My name is Jelle Casper van Santen and at the time of writing I am 21 years old, the Benjamin of the Board. Currently, I am studying IBCoM at the ESHCC and I am hoping to finish it this year to go study Marketing Management at the RSM. Next to MAEUR I like to run, snowboard and have a nice time with friends at a festival if possible.


2. What made you choose to apply for the MAEUR board?

I have always been interested in marketing and when I saw that MAEUR was recruiting for board members at the end of my third year of studying I decided to apply. I was drawn to MAEUR because I noticed that this association had a combination of well-organized professional events, but also very fun social events! The External Relations Coordinator position was immediately my number 1 preference, as you get to speak and meet a lot of interesting people in the marketing, data and consultancy field. It seemed to me that it was a very good position to orientate myself about where I would want to work in the future but also to break your day up by having a nice cup of coffee with a company representative. And from my experience, the position didn’t disappoint my expectations!


3. What is your function and what does it entail? 

I am the External Relations Coordinator of MAEUR, which means that you are responsible for all the acquisition of and relations with external parties, such as: recruiters at multinationals, start-up owners and C-level executives in different fields such as marketing, tech and consultancy. No day is the same and you get to talk to a lot of different people with different expertise. Next to this, you also help around the 12-15 externals of the different committees to acquire inspiring companies for all the events that MAEUR organizes. By doing this you are closely involved in the organization of the events and you get to know a lot of the active members very well! 


4. Describe the day in the life of an External.

Take a look at a random day/week in your Google-calendar. No day is the same as the External Relations Coordinator, but I will try to describe a ‘normal’ day as best as possible. Normally, I start the day of with a coffee and a chat with whomever is in the office with me. Next up, I start with meetings with either, existing partners, potential partners or other people that might be interested to talk to. The morning flies by because of all these meetings and when I am done I will grab a lunch, afterwards, I usually have a meeting with the external of a committee. During this meeting I will catch up with them and help them with questions they might have. Most of the time, these meetings are very low-key and fun as you also have a lot of fun activities with them. After this, I usually go do some light work such as looking on the internet for parties to work with, writing contracts or helping out my fellow board members. After this, I will call it a day, chill with whoever is in the office and go back home.  


5. What did you learn from your time as board member? 

During my time as a board member during a pandemic I learned one very important skill: crisis management. This year we had to organize events entirely different than the last 50 years and the circumstances kept on changing, sometimes on a daily basis. Therefore, I learned to be always ready for a change in plans and to always stay positive to look for new possibilities and solutions.


6. What is your most fun memory?

Unfortunately some things could not happen this year because of the regulations, but nonetheless I had a great time with everyone! Specifically, the ‘apres-ski-office-day’ that I organized with Claire was a ton of fun! On the last official office day of 2020, we bought hot dogs, made a game out of the film the Grinch and blasted out après ski music the entire afternoon and evening with the entire board. It was a lot fun! 


7. What are you going to do after your board year? 

After my board year, I hope to go on vacation again if Corona lets me and then I will continue with a master in Marketing Management at the RSM.


8. What’s your favorite quote? 

‘’I am looking forward to what you have in Petto for us’’ – Jelle to everyone


9. What advice would you give to someone who is considering a board year? 

If you like to organize fun and inspiring events, meet a lot of new and cool people and have a work hard, play hard mentality then a board year is definitely something for you! Although our year was a little bit different because of corona I can only say positive things about a board year and I will never forget this experience. If you also want to know the little ins and outs of a board year at MAEUR, do not hesitate to reach out to me ( or to any of the other board members. Talk to you soon!