Claire van Emmerik

1. Who are you? 

Hi everybody! My name is Claire, I am 22 years old, and I am the Secretary & Vice-President of MAEUR. Last year, I finished my Bachelor’s in Communication and Media (IBCoM) and currently I am doing the Master of Media, Culture & Society at ESHCC. This is not especially related to Marketing, but I like to explore as many different fields as possible! I also work at a drugstore once a week and have plenty of time to enjoy myself with friends, family, and of course my fellow board members. 


2. What made you choose to apply for the MAEUR board? 

I got into contact with MAEUR when my roommate was in the board last year. She frequently mentioned how she learned a lot from her position, gained  valuable experiences, and had a lot of fun as well. The months prior to my application were pretty tough ones since I was busy writing my thesis during the first lockdown. After this I felt like I really needed a 'study break' and focus on more than just my studies. When I got the opportunity to apply I immediately took it since I wanted to challenge myself in a position I had never been in before. I really like doing new things and meeting new people, so a board year at MAEUR seemed like the way to go. 


I was immediately attracted to the position of Secretary & Vice-President. They were looking for somebody who was good at planning and managing and likes a lot of variety in his or her work.  My first thought was: that is me! Now after almost a year, I would not see myself in any other position. 


3. What is your function and what does it entail? 

The function of Secretary & Vice-President entails a lot of different tasks. Besides managing the incoming emails, the agenda, the activity committee, and the organisation of the Lustrum, I assist the President and other board members in their tasks. This year, I also supervised the Bachelor Consultancy Project and was working on the website and member administration.


4. Describe the day in the life of a Secretary & Vice-President

Even though I always start my office shifts with checking emails and answering questions of members, a day as Secretary & Vice-President never looks the same. What I love about my function is the close contact I keep with the other board members. Last week, for example, I had a meeting with the Treasurer to have a look at the Lustrum budget and some changes we want to make on the website. Afterwards, I worked with the External Relations Coordinator to set up a joint event we are hosting with another study association of the EUR. I also keep in contact with alumni and former MAEUR boards. Due to corona, many activities that somebody in this position would be in have been replaced by other ones. Nonetheless, I had no trouble keeping myself busy and I also enjoying what I was doing.


5. What did you learn from your time as board member? 

I can imagine somebody wondering why I would do a board year during Covid but for me this was actually an extra reason to take this chance. Never once did I have the feeling of a ‘wasted’ year since, together with the rest of the board, we have accomplished so much. I have a better idea of what I would like to do after my studies and got into contact with so many different kinds of organizations. Further, I learned to take on responsibilities and my team-work skills are better than ever before.


6. What is your most fun memory?

Each year, the new board goes on a trip with the old board during the summer. Of course, I will not spoil everything in case you will be joining us in a few months ;), but this was an unforgettable weekend. Besides just being board members, we grew into being a very close group of friends who could rely on each other. This was a solid base for the months after, in which we also needed to form a professional team and get things done.   


7. What are you going to do after your board year? 

Finishing my Master’s and further orienting myself in the working field. 


8. What’s your favorite quote? 

“Besturen doe je samen!” (You’re in this (the board) together)


9. What advice would you give to someone who is considering a board year? 

Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone! Don't be scared to make mistakes because you can only grow from them. Take this year to create lasting memories and surprise yourself by seeing what you are capable of. If you are not sure about if a board year is even something for you, just go for a coffee with one of us! I honestly believe that, especially during Covid, a board year is one of the most valuable additions to your resumé as a student.

Feel free to contact me at to drink a (virtual) coffee sometime and I will tell you all the ins and outs of MAEUR. Cheers!