The Marketing Association EUR (MAEUR) was founded in the academic year 1969-1970 as the Marketing Genootschap, only one year after the department for Commerciële Beleidsvorming (Commercial Policies) was installed at Erasmus University with the professors Kuhlmeijer, Bakker, Bunt and Van Dorp. This was as a reaction to the rise of marketing as a science, especially in the United States. The objective for this Marketing Genootschap was giving students the opportunity to meet everyday marketing practice, which mostly occurred by organizing visits to Dutch companies.

After a few years these company visits grew out to be visits that lasted for more days or even went abroad. This way the first international study trips were born. At that moment it became unpractical that the word “Genootschap'' was not easily translatable into English. Therefore, the name was altered into Association and the full name became Marketing Association Erasmus University Rotterdam, later to be abbreviated as MAEUR. With the passing of time, the Marketing Association EUR became the largest study association for marketing students in Rotterdam. MAEUR has been a daughter association of the Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR) until 2001. Since then she has been a self-sufficient and independent association. MAEUR is, together with all other study associations of the Economic Faculty of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, united in the Convention for Study Associations.

In over 50 years of existence, MAEUR has differentiated herself as an association that organizes innovative activities of the highest quality. This urge to be ahead and strive for the best, combined with dedication, tenacity and a lot of student-like fun has made MAEUR as she is nowadays: the largest and most famous marketing study association of Rotterdam.

Now having more than 1.200 members, MAEUR is one of the biggest marketing associations in the Netherlands. MAEUR is united in the Marketing Association of the Netherlands (MAN) together with the marketing associations in Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht and Tilburg. 

The primary goals of the MAEUR are learning, networking and socializing. Each year we organize various events for students enrolled at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, which contribute to the students' overall development in the field of marketing. 

MAEUR's attention is focused on students with an interest in marketing, whom are willing to learn by actively participating. We are the official study association for the RSM master Marketing Management, and the ESE masters Marketing, and Data Science & Marketing Analytics.