MAEUR - The home of young marketing (& data) talent

At the Marketing Association Erasmus University (MAEUR), we are at the forefront of bridging the gap between the dynamic world of marketing and the new generation of future marketing leaders. We offer an unique platform for companies to engage with, inspire, and recruit from a pool of talented and ambitious marketing- and data-minded students at Erasmus University.


Why become a partner of MAEUR?

Through our diverse partnership opportunities, your organization can gain access to young talent and create meaningful connections that drive the future of marketing and data. We offer four distinct partnership models designed to cater to various strategic objectives:

  1. Event Partners: Align your brand with our flagship events, from high-impact speaker-events to interactive workshops. As an event partner, you will have the opportunity to showcase your industry expertise, engage with students and create memorable experiences that resonate with the future leaders of marketing. Furthermore, almost every event is concluded with a networking drink.

  2. Social Partners: Leverage our vibrant community through social engagements and services you can offer. This partnership allows you to build brand affinity and create informal touchpoints with students.

  3. Project Partners: Collaborate on challenging projects and/or business cases in our MAEUR Consultancy Project. A Project partnership is the perfect avenue for companies looking for fresh insights and innovative solutions to current marketing dilemmas in your company. Engage with students on a deeper level, tapping into their creativity and youthful perspective to solve complex challenges.


Embrace the Opportunity - Partner with MAEUR 

By partnering with MAEUR, you not only gain access to a talent pool with potential but also contribute to shaping the future of the marketing and data industry. Our partnerships are designed to foster  growth, innovation, and success. Whether you aim to increase your brand's visibility among the next generation of marketing professionals, access cutting-edge marketing and data insights, or contribute to the development of future talent, MAEUR is your gateway.

Join us in our mission to empower the marketers of tomorrow. Connect with us to explore how your organization can benefit from partnering with MAEUR and take the first step towards forging meaningful relationships with the future leaders in marketing and data analytics.

Contact Dominique Appels at us to learn more about our partnership opportunities and how we can achieve collaborative success.