Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the deadline to apply for a board function at MAEUR?

The extended deadline to apply is on April 10, 2022. 


How can I apply for a board function at MAEUR?

To apply for a board function at MAEUR, you have to fill in the application form on this website and send your CV and motivation letter to See full details on this page. 


Which board functions are there at MAEUR?

There are a total of 7 different board functions:

- President 

- Secretary & Vice-President 

- Treasurer 

- External Relations Coordinator 

- Project Coordinator 

- Marketing Coordinator 

- Data & Growth Coordinator


Interested in finding out more? Check out the board interviews to see what it’s like to do a board year at MAEUR.


How do I become a member at MAEUR?

To become a member, you have to fill in a form on our website (see here). When you send this form, you immediately become a member of MAEUR. 


What is the member fee?

The annual MAEUR membership fee is €7,50 and is paid by direct debit. The next direct debit will take place in January 2022, and is with regard to your MAEUR membership until the end of the academic year in 2022. We will always send you an email before the direct debit takes place.


Which committee can I join?

Within the study association, there are 11 committees with each having their own duties and responsibilities. 

- Activity committee

- Advertising Day committee

- Bachelor Consultancy Project committee

- Data Science and Marketing Analytics committee

- International Consultancy Project committee

- International Marketing Trip committee

- Data Summit committee

- Marketing and Branding committee

- Marketing and Innovation committee

- Speed Dating committee

- Trend Event committee


Check out the committee page to find out more about each of them!


How do I join a committee?

The recruitment process for the committees start each year around August/September. Stay tuned on our website for more information!


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