• 5 Awesome Gifts For Broke Students

    Theresa Dada

    OMG! Christmas is already in a few days and you haven’t done the Christmas shopping yet? Most of the time, the lack of money is the bigger issue than the lack of ideas, especially for students. Here are five awesome ways to show your beloved ones how much they mean to you, even if most of your student budget was already spent on a ski trip, clothes of the new winter collection or on 1-100 Christmas party drinks.

    5. Personalized photo calendar or year planner                                                

    Creating a throwback photo calendar with the twelve best photos of 2017 could be a nice gift to secure these moments a little bit longer. Alternatively, buy a year planner for 2018 and make the blank pages more personal with funny quotes, memes, birthday reminders and pictures. 

    4. Self-made Christmas cookies                                                                                                  

    Food is always a good idea!


    3. Your time                                                                                                                              

    Sharing is caring! Invite your friends to a nice winter activity such as ice skating. Thereby, you can not only spend more time together but also enjoy a fun day. 

    2. Most standard gift ever                                                                                                          

    Socks are probably one of the most uncreative gifts that ever existed. However, they are cheap and there is always a need for a new pair as the washing machine likes to keep some from time to time. If you want to add some creativity, happy socks provide a full range of funny and modern designs, or go for a sushi socks box?


    1. Ugly Christmas sweaters                                                                                                        

    There is no need to buy a luxury winter pullover made of alpaca wool or 100% Cashmere, when you can get an ugly Christmas sweater for an affordable price. They do not only enhance the Christmas spirit but also come with useful features such as an integrated wine bottle holder. 

    And if you really run out of ideas...

    Merry Christmas everyone!