• Why now is the perfect time to visit London

    Theresa Dada

    London, the greatest city within the European Union and one of the most cosmopolitan cities worldwide, is always worth a city trip. Many of us probably still remember queueing for the London Eye, the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the diversity of museums, bars, clubs and restaurants. Moreover, the London fashion week which took place this month reminds us another time of the high fashion standards and the countless shopping possibilities in the metropole. However, some of the latest news indicate that much will change in the near future and that now is the perfect time to absorb the stunning pulse of England’s capital one more time before history might overwrite our memories of this beautiful and amazing city.

    “Remember, remember the Fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot; I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” – London faced many challenges in history and overcame them successfully. The Gunpowder Plot with Guy Fawkes was only one of them which was marked as an important reminder of the failed assassination attempt against King James I. Nevertheless, now with the 29th of March, 2019 as a fixed date of the Brexit and a governmental analysis that predicts no rosy future for London as a top global financial centre, new challenges seem quite obvious. What will the impact on the urban lifestyle be? Maybe we won’t even notice the predicted negative impacts on the economic sectors such as clothing, food and drinks during our future stays in the UK. The London Business School will stay as popular as nowadays and only the Erasmus programme will be out of question. Or maybe there will be a need for a new verse “harsh, harsh the 29th of March…” 

    Despite the uncertainties what the Brexit may bring, the upcoming royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the 19th of May this year causes a peak of royal vibes in London city. By the way did you know that it is illegal to carry a plank along a pavement in London?

    Moreover, there are for sure a lot of interesting and crazy places in London which are worth another visit. For example, the Attendant – a bar that serves coffee and food in a 19th century toilet for gentlemen. With the study trip of MAEUR you can not only enjoy a delicious coffee in artistic locations like Attendant, but also visit the London Business School with a campus tour and an interesting guest lecture. Also, given the aforementioned dates, the study trip might just happen in or before important historical times, so join and be part of it!