• 5 Influential business women you need to follow this Women’s Day

    Alberto Barchetti

    It’s March everyone, and before you start filling out your March Madness brackets let’s take a moment to commemorate one of the most relevant moments of this month ( hint: that’s not your spring break vacation).

    March 8th defines in multiple countries worldwide the celebration of the movement for women’s rights, which are one of today’s most essential topics of discussion. According to a 2017 report by the International Labor Organization, the gender gap is still globally widespread, and women participate way less than men in the labor market – the unemployment rate for women in 2017 was 6.2%, 0.7% higher than that of men. And even when employed, women show less access to decent work opportunities, especially in developing countries.

    Despite the frustrating news, women across the globe are striving and using their voices to promote equality and break the glass ceiling. We compiled a list of 5 inspiring women who are changing the rules of the business they operate in, you can follow them on social media to not seem clueless when you friends mention them in conversations to learn more about their work.


    1. Sophia Amoruso

    Amoruso was only 22 when she founded Nasty Gal Vintage, an Ebay store that eventually became a retail site worth $23 million in 2011. Yep, she was making millions at the same age when most of us barely know how to write a check.

    A social media mogul, she has now stepped down as CEO of Nasty Gal and founded Girlboss Media, a website whose aim is to redefine what success means for women across the world. The website, completely run by women, includes videos, articles, podcasts and advice from women who are breaking the glass ceiling to those who wish to do the same.


    2. Arianna Huffington

    Ever heard of the Huffington Post? Huffington is the mastermind, co-founder and previous editor in chief of the popular news website.

    With an estimated net worth of 50 million dollars, she was one of the most powerful women in the world in 2014 according to Forbes. She has used her spotlight not only to discuss the importance of the #Metoo movement, but also to change several workplace habits that only women have to follow.


    3. Shonda Rhimes

    You may not know this but this woman is the creative genius who gave birth to the shows you watch all day in your procrastination sessions some of today’s most viewed television shows - Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are all brought by her own production company, Shondaland. She recently signed a multimillion deal with Netflix to produce new tv shows and she created her own website, where she empowers women and readers to embrace the warriors within them. Through her stories, she aims to “normalize” television and portray characters and minorities that are usually not seen on most television programs.


    4. Greta Gerwig

    In 90 years of Oscars history only 5 women have received a nomination for best director. Greta Gerwig is the fifth woman ever nominated and she is competing this year for her movie ‘Lady Bird’. In an industry where only 7% of all directors are female, she managed to rise from indie productions to a movie that has been nominated for five golden statues, including best picture. She’s using her platform to tell stories of women of all ages that female viewers, and not only, can relate to.


    5. Nicole Lapin

    She is the self-proclaimed “Boss Bitch” and author of the best-seller carrying the same title. A previous news anchor for CNN and Bloomberg, she’s now on the all-female board of “Women in Need”, the largest provider of shelter for NYC’s homeless families. Her work, both as an author and as a business woman, aims to educate women, to help them think for themselves and to aid them taking charge of their careers.

    Feel the inspiration? We hope this list has encouraged you to follow the actions of these vibrant women, and to be even more appreciative of all the female figures in your life.