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What is MAEUR?

MAEUR is the official study association for the RSM master Marketing Management, as well as ESE masters Marketing and Data Science & Marketing Analytics. However, we welcome everyone who is interested in marketing and data. We organize professional and social events for marketing- and data-oriented students in order to kickstart your career and join the world of marketing!


Why should I become a member at MAEUR? What does the membership bring me? 

When you are a member at MAEUR, you get a discount on all of our events. Furthermore, if you're a member, you will get two free drinks at every monthly MAEUR Drink if you sign up. Lastly, if you are member you can do a committee at MAEUR, which is a definite boost for your CV and lots of extra fun and experience during the year!


How do I become a member at MAEUR?

You can sign up as a member on our website (see here). After filling in all the required information, you immediately become a member of MAEUR. 


What is the membership fee?

The annual MAEUR membership fee is €10,- and is paid by direct debit. The next direct debit will take place in January, and is with regard to your MAEUR membership until the end of the academic year. We will always send you an email before the direct debit takes place.


What's the difference between an active member and a passive member? 

Passive members are people who are member of MAEUR, but not in a committee. Active members are members who are in a committee. Both active and passive members have discounts on events and enjoy the free drinks at the monthly MAEUR Drinks. However, active members are allowed to join the Active Members Weekend.


Which committees can I join?

Within the study association, there are 12 committees with each having their own duties and responsibilities. 

Check out the committee page to find out more about each of them!


How do I join a committee?

The recruitment process for the committees has started! Check out the committee page or sign up for a committee straight away here!


What events does MAEUR host? 

Every first Wednesday of the month, we host our MAEUR Drink at Restaurant/Café Apartt where you can connect with other marketing- and data-oriented students and have a fun night. 

Furthermore we host the following professional events, organized by a committee:

- Advertising Day

- MAEUR Data & Analytics Convention committee

- Speed Dating committee

- Trend Event committee

Every year,  the International Marketing Trip is organized, in which a group of 30-40 students will travel abroad. During the trip, students will visit companies and do fun activities together.

Lastly, MAEUR has a training cycle called MAcademy. Workshops and trainings will be hosted by several companies. Examples are a SEO/SEA training by Google and an InHouse Day at Nederlandse Loterij. 


Do I have any obligations if I become a member at MAEUR? 

No, definitely not! You can decide for yourself whether you like to join our events and/or monthly drinks.