• Nationale Marketing Strijd: Interview Casper Meijer

    Valentina Petrovic

    Today we’re telling you about an upcoming and exciting event perfect for future marketers: the Nationale Marketing Strijd! We interviewed our very own Treasurer and member of the 2018 MAEUR Board, Casper Meijer, to tell us a little more about the event. Curious? Take a read at the article below.



    Could you explain what the Nationale Marketing Strijd (National Marketing Competition) is all about?

    The Nationale Marketing Strijd (NMS) is the biggest marketing recruitment event of the Netherlands. It is a two-day event in which you compete in teams against marketing students, not only coming from Rotterdam but also Amsterdam, Tilburg, Maastricht and Groningen. The Nationale Marketing Strijd takes place in a luxurious conference hotel in Utrecht. During these two days you will work on various company cases, go to fancy recruitment lunches and dinners at nice restaurants, participate in interesting workshops, and have an overnight stay at the conference hotel. Also, the winning team gets a monetary price at the end of the competition. Sadly, the NMS is only for Dutch students. But hopefully this will change in the future!

    So, in short, the advantages of participating are:

    • Overnight stay at a luxurious conference hotel 
    • Various challenging marketing cases provided by the participating companies
    • Work in teams and interact with marketing students coming from all over the Netherlands!
    • Fancy recruitment lunches and dinners with companies
    • Drinks in the evening
    • Cool workshops
    • Speed Dating with all participating companies
    • The winning team gets € 2.000!

    Once you have applied for the Nationale Marketing Strijd, you will have to survive a round of inhouse days first. This means you will have to go to an inhouse day of one of the participating companies of the Nationale Marketing Strijd. And of course, the points you earn during this day will count for the competition.

    So, you participated in the NMS last year. What did you like most about it?

    Yes, I did indeed. The thing that I liked most about last year is the fun I had during these two days. In a very short time, you get to meet many different marketing students. I liked it so much last year, that I applied again for this year’s edition!

    How fun! Looking at the future, what opportunities does the event provide in terms of experience, networking or even future employability for students who participate?

    You will work on challenging cases (mostly problems the companies currently face), enrich your network quite easily (if you’re willing and open to participate, you can easily grow your Linked network by 50 new connections) and like I mentioned earlier, it is the biggest marketing recruitment event of the Netherlands! You will meet lots of recruiters during these days and you can interact with them during the case rounds, the recruitment lunches, dinners, and drinks in the evening.

    That sounds like having fun while simultaneously networking. Just so people know what to expect a little more, which companies will be participating at the event this year?

    Currently, the companies that are participating are Google, Unilever, Tata Steel, JDE, Hilti, NIMA (Dutch institution for Marketing), RTL, C-Motions, Oxyma, Frisse Blikken, Pensioenfonds Catering & Horeca, Perfetti van Melle, Enorm and Ruigrok NetPanel. More companies will be announced soon.

    Those are a lot of major companies! So, in order to really convince people to sign up: why can they absolutely not miss this’ years NMS?

    Because you will miss an unforgettable experience! You will meet so many new marketing students, work on challenging cases, interact very easily with recruiters, have a chance to win € 2.000, and most importantly: you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

    Now that we know all about the NMS, where can students sign up?

    You can sign up here before the 3rd of December: https://www.nationalemarketingstrijd.nl/inschrijven-student

    Good to know: the payment takes place somewhere in January, so you don’t have to worry about that now!

    Feel like getting an even better impression of last years’ event? Go check out the photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/140181277@N04/sets/72157691732932061/page1