• Go small or go home: The significant role of micro-influencers in marketing

    Valentina Petrovic

    The term micro-influencer has gained large popularity in marketing, especially in the social media landscape. From Facebook to Instagram, they are seen everywhere, and their importance is skyrocketing. But why is this?


    First things first, what is a micro-influencer? As the name suggests, micro-influencers are individuals with a smaller following, who have an influence or impact on the decisions and opinions of a niche market. While the standards of what defines a micro influencer tend to slightly differ between marketers, it is generally someone with a social media following between five thousand and a 100 thousand. Regardless of the range, micro-influencers have a following or lead a community that is smaller than those of celebrities or well-established influencers, such as Lilly Singh, with over 8 million followers on Instagram. You may wonder, why would brands reach out to influencers with such a small following when they can simply go to the big guys? Below are some of the reasons why micro-influencers are the key trend in marketing and will continue to grow in importance.


    High engagement

    Micro-influencers receive much more engagement from their followers in comparison to macro-influencers. One reason for this is that they are seen as more relatable. Micro-influencers are more accessible and the connection between them and the followers is more personal. They are more likely to read and respond to the messages and comments of their followers, creating stronger relationships with them. As a result, a strong sense of community is created. Engagement is a very relevant metric for business. While influencers may have a million followers, it means very little if they are not engaged with the content that is being presented to them. This shows the key role micro-influencer may play in raising awareness of brands through their engagement and audience connection.


    Authenticity and trust

    Micro-influences are key when it comes to audience trust. While large influencers and celebrities are seen as promoting certain products or services as ‘marketers’ and doing it for the money it brings, micro-influences are seen as more genuine, recommending products because they personally believe they are the best and are using these products themselves. They are seen as providing their audience with truthful and honest reviews and recommendations. Past research (see source 1) has shown that 94% of consumers see micro-influencers are a credible source of information and trust their opinion regarding the purchasing of products. Likewise, 82% mention that they are likely to follow up on the recommendations that are made by micro-influences. Micro-influencers care about what they are promoting and are therefore seen as respected voices in their niche market.



    Everyone knows, especially business, that with success comes a high price tag. Macro-influencers can charge much more for a collaboration based on their high number of followers. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, are more cost-efficient as they offer the same collaborations at a lower price. With the money a marketeer would spend on a macro-influencer, they may be able to collaborate with 20 micro-influencers! This is especially an opportunity for smaller business who are looking for more affordable collaborations.


    Niche market

    Micro-influencers target a smaller, yet more specific, consumer market. A niche audience may help brands target the particular individuals they want to reach. Through micro-influencers, a brand can target a community that fits best to their brand and promote their products to the right people. In order for the brand to successfully target its products, it is important to choose micro-influencers that are a good match and have a relevant connection to your brand.


    Micro-influencers are continuing to grow in the marketing landscape. From large corporations to small business, anyone can benefit from working with micro-influencers. They can help brands increase engagement and grow on social media. The power and value of micro-influencers should not be underestimated as they may be your key to success.


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