• Job-searching platforms you need to know about

    Valentina Petrovic

    Whether you are looking for a full-time job, an internship or something on the side, online platforms have become the most common ways to look for jobs. Due to the hundreds of job search sites that are available, it may sometimes get a little overwhelming as you simply don’t know where to start. The best platforms are those that are quick and easy to use, allowing you to search jobs based on what suits you best in terms of career direction, location, experience, and more. 

    It is important to look for jobs on various websites as they all offer different searches. Do not limit yourself to one. While one website specializes on vacancies within the Netherlands, the other focuses on international job positions or on particular companies and sectors. It is important to utilize the best search options that every website has to offer, in order to see which works best for you. 

    While there is an array of job websites to choose from, we have listed a few below that we consider to be the great platforms and give you a good starting point in finding your next career!


    LinkedIn is the most popular professional-social network and job searching platform. It is used by individuals to find jobs locally as well as abroad. It allows you to find jobs through your extended network as well as look for open vacancies through the job search tab. You can also join groups and follow companies. Sounds interesting and you want more? You can update your LinkedIn account to premium and receive additional features. 


    Indeed is a great platform if you are looking for internships or job positions either in the Netherlands or abroad! While you can apply for jobs, you can also search salaries, read company reviews, find job trends and receive job alerts.  


    MagnetMe is a great platform that connects graduates to organizations in the Netherlands and the UK. The platform enables students to find the internship, placement or graduate job they love and directly connects them with employers. 

    You can sign up via this link!


    This website allows you to search for jobs based on various criteria, including the job category, location, company, keywords and job titles. In addition, you can get access to insights that are shared by current employees, such as salary-reports, interviews, ratings and reviews, and more. 


    Just like Glassdoor, you can search for jobs based on various criteria. However, CareerBuilder also provides career advice and resources for job candidates! 


    Monster is one of the largest job-searching websites out there, containing vacancies from more than 40 different countries. In addition to uploading your resume online, you can join networking boards and turn on search alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest job posting that you are looking for! 


    Are you an international looking for a job in the Netherlands? IamExpat is a great platform that allows you to look for careers in the Netherlands, as well as receiving information regarding housing and education! 

    Simply Hired

    SimplyHired pulls job vacancies from many different sources. You can upload your resume on your profile, save searches and receive email alerts for vacancies. What makes this site interesting is that you can search very specifically for jobs, for instance for companies that rate high in diversity or are eco-friendly, among other criteria. 


    For all the Dutchies looking for a job in the Netherlands, Intermediair allows you to search for jobs based on function, field, and career and education level. In addition, free career advice is provided on the website through tools and by completing simple tests!  


    Are you currently not looking for a full- or part-time job, but are more interesting in doing an internship next to your studies or in the holiday? Below you can find some more platforms that that are great for internship searching:  

    • Stagemotor
    • Stageplaza
    • AIESEC
    • Integrand
    • Global Placement
    • Go Abroad
    • World Wide Internships
    • World Internships

    Of course, before you look elsewhere, its always worth while checking our own Career Portal for vacancies from companies looking for students like you!

    While online platforms are important when searching for jobs, keep in mind that it is essential to also devote time on networking, researching companies and meeting people in real-life! After all, face-to-face conversations is how you are remembered and can truly show someone what you are like both professionally and socially. Our Speed Dating Event next week is a great opportunity to network with companies! Now, let the job hunt begin!