• Rotterdam Startups to Consider Working At

    Veronica Cintaretu

    We know that every student who is in their final year either a Bachelor or Master studies is looking for an internship or job after graduation. Although we might not have “enough experience” after graduation, there are some companies, specifically startups, which are looking for enthusiastic and eager-to-learn graduates. If you are studying in Rotterdam and love the city, we have 5 companies - with international reach - worth looking at. Let’s see have a look:


    HelloPrint Is a Rotterdam-based start-up, founded in 2013. It is an online print platform specialized in online sales and marketing. No, they are not just a printing company, they are the “largest print and merchandise catalogue in the world”. HelloPrint is active in 8 countries, with over 680,000 customers. Due to their e-commerce business model and API solutions, over 70 partners are using their services. Also, they are always looking for enthusiastic and skilled students, so if you are interested in a job, why not give it a shot? →

    Housing Anywhere

    It is almost impossible to not have heard about this company if you live in Rotterdam, but Housing Anywhere “is a housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students.” It was founded here in Rotterdam in 2009 (which actually means it is not considered a start-up anymore) by an RSM student, Niels van Deuren. If you are a student and planning on going abroad on an exchange but you don’t want to lose your room, you can rent/subrent it to incoming exchange students. Housing Anywhere has partnered with 150 universities in 30 countries, so if you plan to rent a room while you are on exchange there is a pretty big pool of rooms you can choose from as well. They have some vacancies in Rotterdam, so check them out:

    Travis the Translator

    Travis was founded in Rotterdam in 2016 and it is a small language translation device that fits right in your pocket. Just put it between you and another person speaking one of the languages Travis understands - 105 to be exact -, and it will translate the speech into a language of your choice. The device is connected to Wi-Fi and has a 4G SIM card slot, but it can also work offline. Nowadays, Travis is located in 3 continents, with its HQ in Rotterdam and offices in Shenzhen, China. After all, their motto is:  “Bridging Language Barriers!”.


    Influentials is a Rotterdam-based platform connecting social influencers and brands, that has their own software to keep track of managing campaigns. It was founded in 2015 by Jolique Möller and since then they have gained thousands of influencers under their belt. If you are interested in working for them and with influencers, you can check their vacancies here (hyperlink) - Note: they only hire Dutch-speaking people.


    Surely you have seen an email from our university passing by raging on about this app. Uni-Life is an app that shows events happening on and off University campuses organized by student associations. The company was founded in 2017 in Rotterdam, by - again - two RSM students who, after a research about what happens with the flyers from events decided to have every event on a single app for students. As they flyers were thrown away on campus right after the hand-out, this seems the more eco-friendly option indeed. Find more information here