• Free Marketing Courses Online (MOOC)

    Veronica Cintaretu

    Are you thinking of continuing your studies online? Have you been finished with your studies for some time now, but do you still want to learn something new? Or are you a senior who wants to stay up-to-date with academia? We got you covered. Well, not really, but we know a platform that will help you to learn something new for FREE.!


    We are talking about MOOC. MOOC enables you to take online courses provided by universities worldwide for everyone, and some of them are even free. MOOC translates into: Massive, Open, Online Course and these can be either videos, readings, assessments or forums. Some of the most famous universities, like Harvard and MIT, have helped create MOOCs. Additionally, there are some companies that develop MOOC courses as well, such as Microsoft and Google. For example, they have created courses like learning HTML programming language, new languages or marketing. The most known platform that distributes MOOC courses is Coursera.

    Take your time

    The greatest advantage of these online courses - besides the fact that they are free - is the pace at which you can learn. If you are a beginner learning a new skill, you can take it slow. Although you do have to finish the courses within a specific time period, you can arrange the learning hours according to your own schedule and preference.


    Now, you are probably wondering, how does the grading system work? Well, because the tests are mostly based on questionnaires or written assignments, the grades are either given automatically after submission or in the form of peer-feedback.

    Here are some free MOOC Marketing Courses for you to try!

    - Leadership Through Marketing

    - Pricing Strategy in Practice

    - Sales and Marketing Alignment

    - Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

    Also, you can register for free on Coursera and search for different types of courses based on your preferences!