• How to Create Instagram Stories like a Marketeer

    Veronica Cintaretu

    Or like an influencer, as they are rapidly becoming more important for online marketing - creating eye-catching Instagram stories is part of their job too. As Instagram will continue to grow in popularity, why not learn about how to create the most interesting stories on this platform? Even if you might not be an influencer, learning some tricks is a fun process and might come in handy in the future, you never know. Let’s start!

    1. Natural lightning – Whether you are making a video or taking a picture, you should always take natural lighted places into consideration. It is not only more flattering for all skin tones, it also avoids strong shadows.

    2. A phone camera is more than enough – Honestly! Do not try to spend a ton of money on DSLR or compact cameras if you are not a professional photographer or content creator. Besides, with the apps of today, you can transform an average photo into a stunning one. Play with contrast and lightning, and experiment with the editing.

    3. Editing – Do not over-edit, otherwise you will get the opposite effect: a very heavy photo, full of colors. Some amazing free editing apps are: Snapseed, VSCO and Lightroom CC. If you really want to invest in a good editing app, try Afterlight (probably only available on iOS though). Additionally, in order to create aesthetically pleasing photos, you might consider using Unfold.

    4. Try to stick to “your brand” – Have you noticed that influencers stick to their feed themes, even in their stories? If you have a theme as well, try to stick to that as it creates consistency with your brand. No, you do not need to make money out of it, it is just for aesthetics - if you are into that, of course.

    5.  Play with animations and writing – Try adding some animations suitable for the situation in the photo or video, or consider adding some text to provide extra information about what is happening over there. Tip: asking questions in your stories will make sure people engage more and might create interesting new content you did not think about before!

    If you take into consideration our advice, please tag us (@marketingassociation_maeur) on Instagram. We love to see what you creative people have to offer!