• Social Media Marketing: The main source for marketing opportunities?

    Mick van Zwieten
    Social Media

    Facebook, the largest social media platform in the whole world, currently has 2,27 billion users. Other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Youtube also account for billions of users. In less than a generation, social media has evolved to a world-changing innovation that redefined the processes of how to obtain social interactions, access information, and how to cope with new digital technologies. From a business perspective, social media creates many opportunities for consumer mobility by serving their customers in new, simpler methods of engagement. But how exactly does this work?

    Before explaining how social media can be exploited for marketing purposes, an exact definition of social media is essential. Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share and exchange information in virtual applications and networks. As almost one-third of the entire world population is connected to social media on a daily basis, social media is important for every business. Social media marketing is simply the best way to reach an enormous audience. Companies can increase brand awareness through sharing their products, services, and corporate culture on public social feeds. Due to successfully adopting this essence, the majority of brand discovery happens on social networks and this is just the beginning. Every year, social media becomes increasingly significant and boosts sales by grabbing the customer’s attention in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. Therefore, to keep up with the market and survive, modern companies must create an online presence.

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    In addition, when having a significant online presence and awareness, social media platforms allow companies to engage with existing customers and reach new people as they promote their culture and missions. These customer bases can be divided into specific customer segments with specific needs and values. Companies can ensure they precisely focus their resources on the most valuable segment, by using social media marketing tactics. For this essence, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have built-in purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track the successes of their targeting efforts. An example of this is the widely used Facebook Ads data-analytics tool. Facebook Ads’ custom audiences feature allows you to segment your customer base outside of Facebook by creating a list of customers using data gathered from tracking visitors on your website and data from your corporate database. Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that can be added to any website to optimize and build audiences. In essence, it gathers data and retrieves information on user behavior. This data can be later used on Facebook Ads. Want to read more about how Facebook Ads is one of the most sophisticated advertising tools in the world?

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    In this blog, only a small proportion of the social media marketing topic has been covered. However, as social media is used by more than one-third of the world population and is exponentially growing every year, we can already conclude that online company presence is essential for brand awareness and marketing. It is indeed a significant source of marketing opportunities for companies.


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