What to know before visiting Budapest?

  • What to know before visiting Budapest?

    Gabriela Sadowska

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    In just two months, the annual International Marketing Trip will land in the thermal bath capital of the world: Budapest, Hungary. There are many reasons why the city is worth visiting - from very affordable prices in bars and restaurants, through many amazing museums, to mesmerising views of the Danube river. Not without reason Budapest was named the “Paris of the East”. Its incredibly diverse architecture styles made the city appear in multiple movies as other European cities like Paris, Moscow, Vienna or Berlin. But what exactly should you expect from the city and have in mind after being selected for the trip?


    • Visit the currency exchange office beforehand

    Although Hungary is a part of the European Union, it has never adopted the euro. Their currency is Hungarian Forint (HUF) and one euro equals around 360 HUF (as of 25/01/2022).


    • Hungarian language is totally different to the languages spoken by its neighbours

    Don’t be surprised when you won’t recognize a word from what the locals speak. Hungarian’s closest language relatives are actually Estonian and Finnish! But don’t worry about English - it is widely spoken and you should not have any problems with communication there.


    • Don’t clink glasses 

    Although clinking glasses may seem like a widely practised custom in many countries, Hungarian tradition is exactly the opposite. Legend has it that after the Hungarian revolution was overthrown in 1849, Austrians celebrated their victory in Vienna by clinking their beer glasses everywhere. That’s when Hungarians vowed to never do it again and even nowadays it might be considered offensive.


    • You can basically grab a drink among the ruins

    In the early 2000s, in an area of abandoned and dilapidated buildings in the Jewish Quarter, the first ruin bar was opened. First only as an experiment, it ended up being so successful that going to a ruin bar in Budapest has become an equally important point of the to-do list as seeing the Parliament building.


    • It is normal to tip

    As each country has different rules, it might be important to mention that tipping is considered very polite, so if you enjoyed the service, remember to add around 10%!


    • Don’t forget to hop on the second oldest metro in Europe

    Completed in 1896, it is the oldest electrified underground system in continental Europe, as it is only pre-dated by the London Underground. Since 2002, it has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    • Enjoy a hard earned moment of relaxation in the city of spas

    With over a dozen thermal baths in Budapest, the city is a true paradise for anyone looking to relax. Roman settlers discovered that the spring’s waters are rich in dissolved minerals that can be used for relaxation and medicinal purposes. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day of company visits!


    • Don’t miss your chance of trying some of the delicious local Hungarian foods!

    The local dish of the country is the Gulyás (goulash), which is a mix between a soup and a stew consisting of beef and vegetables topped with paprika spices. Another very traditional food is Lángos, which is deep-fried bread that can be eaten savoury with sour cream and cheese or sweet with Nutella.

    With all this information in mind, we believe you are now ready to join our International Marketing Trip.

    Don’t forget to apply here until the 4th of February and we hope to see you in Budapest!