• MAEUR’s Career Portal: What is it all about?

    Mick van Zwieten & Enzo van der Heijden

    Career Portal

    Each year a multitude of bachelor and master students attempt to enter the professional market in the form of a job, internship, or traineeship. Yet, in the current competitive setting, many struggle to find an adequate solution that is associated with their educational background. Students must develop specific skill sets in a real-life experience to be fully prepared for their future line of work.


    To assist students in their search, MAEUR has specially developed the Career Portal. Together with its partners, MAEUR members can navigate a wide variety of vacancies on the website, ranging from internships to Junior positions. As of now, there are over 25 vacancies online from well-known companies such as Merkle, The House of Marketing, Nationale Nederlanden, Deloitte, and Lime Technologies. Although MAEUR is primarily focused on the marketing industry, our partners also offer jobs in other sectors such as finance, HR, data & analytics, and more. Have we already sparked your interest? Find the Career Portal by accessing the following link:

    Training Cycle

    In addition to the vacancies, the MAEUR has teamed up with Hellotest to create tailored pieces of training to prepare for company-specific assessment questions. As (e-)assessments are required in most job application procedures in the Netherlands, it is important to be fully prepared. In general, there are several types of assessments tests. Most of them are online aptitude tests, but part of them is tested on a personal level. Often the focus is numerical and logical/diagrammatic reasoning, while others also include verbal reasoning. MAEUR members benefit from longer access, major discounts, and free access to the introduction training. Start preparing yourself by visiting the following link:


    In short for students

    MAEUR’s Career Portal builds the bridge between organizations and “experience seekers”. Members of the association are given the capability to search for internships, jobs, and traineeships in different sectors within the marketing industry at one of their many partners, filtered on location. In addition, the training cycle prepares students for company-specific assessment questions, which is a crucial component of the job application process.


    In short for companies

    Most of the students affiliated with MAEUR are currently in the middle and last phases of their studies. After graduating (or even before) they will be looking for internships, traineeships, and jobs. The MAEUR career portal offers various vacancies in different fields of interest related to the marketing industry. On the career hub of marketing-related vacancies, students have a clear overview of opportunities that await them. By offering companies a platform to pitch their vacancies to students, the aim is to be the bridge between academic life and business. As a result, the career portal enables companies to strengthen their workforce with young talented and educated students.