Interview: Quinten Allemans Hartog - External Relations Coordinator, 53rd Board of MAEUR

  • Interview: Quinten Allemans Hartog - External Relations Coordinator, 53rd Board of MAEUR

    Quinten Allemans Hartog
    MAEUR Board

    Interview External Relations Coordinator

    Interview with the 53rd Board: External Relations Coordinator



    • Full name: Quinten Allemans Hartog
    • Age: 21
    • Position within board: External Relations Coordinator
    • Studies: International Business Administration
    • Favorite drink: Old Fashioned


    What to expect of a board year?

    Why did you choose this position within the MAEUR board?

    What I found most interesting about the External Relations Coordinator position, is that you get to speak to and meet with a lot of interesting people in the marketing, data and consultancy fields. This has tremendously helped me in my orientation within these fields, which has been the goal of my board year.


    What can any prospective applicants expect from a board year with MAEUR?

    Being the External Relations Coordinator for an organization such as MAEUR, will help you develop your managerial and soft skills, while increasing your sales knowledge and expanding your network.


    What did this function bring you this year on a professional level?

    You will be in direct contact with recruiters of interesting companies that you will get to know on a personal level.


    And on a personal level?

    Besides these benefits to your professional development, I would say that with regard to personal development, I have learned unbelievably much within this relatively short time period. This spans from learning how to collaborate with others to planning skills. One important note is that a board year with MAEUR also increases your social circle tremendously, as you will for example have six board members that will become your temporary family members, so to speak.


    Day-to-day tasks

    What does an average day within your function look like?

    This position requires you to talk a lot! Therefore, I would say that most of your time goes into meetings and their preparations. An example of my Tuesdays is the following: 9AM- 1PM: meetings with the External Relations Coordinators of the committees that you will manage and support. 2PM – 5PM: usually two or three meetings with company representatives, next to some time set apart to divide over specific projects.


    What tasks did you like the most?

    The task I like the most is definitely the meetings with company representatives, as they will offer you valuable insights into the company they work for, after which I will advise them on how MAEUR will help them achieve their recruitment goals. Sales knowledge is therefore also a relevant aspect for this board position.


    Challenges & successes

    What are some of the position-related challenges you overcame this year - or not?

    A challenge you will face with this board position is making sure that the acquisition processes of all committees are following the right time schedules. Even though this is doable by sufficient preparation and making sure that the committee members have all they need, this is a recurring challenge throughout the year.


    What achievement(s) from the past year are you most proud of?

    I would say that I am most proud of the increase in MAEUR partners we have seen up until now,  as well as how the acquisition processes are currently going for all committees.


    What is your most memorable moment from the past year?

    The most memorable moment of the past year has been the first MAEUR event, the Commercial Break, as this was the first time we were all tested as board members. It resulted in great success!


    In general, what did you like most about a board year?

    What I like most about this board year, in general, is that it has taught me so many lessons in such a short time period.



    What would you say to someone considering a board year at MAEUR?

    I would advise the students that want to develop themselves a bit further in their personal and professional development, before entering the workforce or just to enrichen their time as a student, to go for a board year at MAEUR.  You will be able to look back on a year full of valuable lessons, new friends, and a lot of fun.


    What wise advice would you give your successor?

    As for the advice for my successor: start off strong with a clear vision and put in the work early, and you will succeed in most of what you do.