Interview: Sara Haverkamp - Marketing Coordinator, 53rd Board of MAEUR

  • Interview: Sara Haverkamp - Marketing Coordinator, 53rd Board of MAEUR

    Sara Haverkamp
    MAEUR Board

    Interview Marketing Coordinator

    Interview with the 53rd Board: Marketing Coordinator



    • Full name: Sara Haverkamp
    • Age: 22
    • Position within board: Marketing Coordinator
    • Studies: Master in Digitalisation, Surveillance & Societies
    • Favorite drink: Limoncello Spritz

    What to expect of a board year?

    Why did you choose this position within the MAEUR board?

    When I was recruited for the 53rd MAEUR board, I was in the middle of a search for my next step as I had just graduated from my bachelor studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I could have gone in any direction, like start working, continue studying, or taking a gap year, but of all possibilities, this board year ended up to be the best one! In retrospect, it seems to have been such a logical choice, even though it was quite last minute for me. The position of Marketing Coordinator was the only one I eventually applied for, as I aspired to learn more about the ins and outs of a marketing position while pertaining to a management function. And what’s better to become Marketing Coordinator of the one and only Marketing Association?


    What can any prospective applicants expect from a board year with MAEUR?

    For me, it really was the right choice at the right time. Especially during the trying time that COVID-19 has been imposing on students in general, it was a perfect way to combine professionalism with social activities even though we have always had to take prevailing measures into account. The memories made will definitely last my lifetime. The year has also allowed me to gain a tremendous network and number of skills I will carry with me in the years to come, particularly regarding teamwork, performing under pressure, and work experience.


    What did this function bring you this year on a professional level?

    As the Marketing Coordinator, I am in charge of most of the outward communication of the association. The social media channels, promotions, marketing of events, and so on. Making sure this all went in order was challenging at times, especially as there are many different stakeholders. Managing the marketing students within the committees is another great responsibility, which has been bringing me more knowledge in leading teams, as well as management skills. However, being part of the board also means being part of a team. Therefore, you never remain occupied solely with the tasks belonging to your own position: I really enjoyed helping my fellow board members out with anything they needed my assistance with, which has helped me become a better team player and listener as well.


    And on a personal level?

    On a personal level, I think I have been able to develop myself further by expanding my good traits and becoming more aware of points of improvement. Regular feedback sessions where I and my fellow board members remained critical of myself and of each other were of great help with this, as we have always been trying to improve each other in this way. I think I have become more capable and knowledgeable of what a real-life work setting would be like and how I could perform best in it, which is something I truly treasure after this year.


    Day-to-day tasks

    What does an average day within your function look like?

    An average MAEUR-day definitely contains a visit to the office where I’d joke around with my fellow board members, but also get a lot of work done. This work probably takes the shape of many meetings, with the board, or with the marketing coordinators of the committees which I’m guiding. On some days, of course, our events are happening, during which I’m probably running around to take pictures or video footage for socials! I wouldn’t go anywhere without my laptop and camera.


    What tasks did you like the most?

    Probably all the writing, designing, and creating I got to do myself! Most of these executive tasks are done by the Marketing & Branding Committee that I guide, but I love it when I have the time and peace of mind to do these things myself as well. Furthermore, I really like to plan, so me and the content calendar of MAEUR go hand in hand. Planning the social media posts and projects and making sure all our events were marketed well has been a priority I very much enjoy.


    Challenges & successes

    What are some of the position-related challenges you overcame this year - or not?

    As Marketing Coordinator, the range of your responsibilities is quite wide. Juggling these tasks beside each other while also combining my master is something that taught me how to manage responsibilities simultaneously.


    What achievement(s) from the past year are you most proud of?

    I feel very proud of some internal policy changes we have made, since I feel like we left a mark on the association as the 53rd board. I also like how I have been able to grow into my role and really achieved the goals I set up for myself in the beginning, such as getting to know more about marketing itself, as well as the workings of a study association and businesses. The fact that I always reached the goals in terms of required attendance at the events is something that I sometimes took for granted, but which is great too!


    What is your most memorable moment from the past year?

    I can’t choose one! It would be all the drinks together with my board members and other associations, the events we were able to realize… Commercial Break was a special one, though, since we really noticed for the first time how powerful of a team we are!


    In general, what did you like most about a board year?

    I think this was the social side of it all, especially after having had to study online for such a long time. I have made friends for life here, and I’m grateful!



    What would you say to someone considering a board year at MAEUR?

    Please come drink a (virtual) coffee with me if you’re interested in the position of Marketing Coordinator! I can tell you all about my experiences and answer all the questions you may have. If you opt for this board year, you better prepare for a lot of personal and professional growth, and especially loads of fun. As I already indicated, it has been the best choice I personally could have made a year ago, and I could only wish you the same!


    What wise advice would you give your successor?

    If you think such a board year could be something for you, it probably is. It’s true that time flies, and you’re about to have so much fun, so enjoy every second of it! Also, preparation and anticipation are key. Make sure you stay ahead of the biggest trends in marketing so you can take MAEUR to the next level.