A recap of Active Members Weekend 2022!

  • A recap of Active Members Weekend 2022!

    Austeja Gumbreviciute

    Active Members Weekend 2022-2023

    During the first November weekend, the active members of MAEUR gathered in Mariahout for a memorable weekend organized by the activity committee to celebrate our team formation!

    The theme of the weekend was to learn how to be the best villain possible. Each member was assigned to a group - cowboy, mad scientist, mafia, ninja, vampire, teacher or a Viking. Due to the competitive nature of villains, numerous battles between groups took place over the course of the weekend. Villains showcased their strength not only in physical activities such as sword fights, flunky ball, and stressful beer pong, but through their intelligence as well by answering questions during limbo or a Kahoot to test villain knowledge. All of these competitions were monitored and the winner was announced at the end of our stay.

    Villains not always are team spirit creatures, therefore each individual had a side task. Everyone received a piece of paper with a member's name and needed to eliminate that person. The winning villain was the one with the highest kill count! After all that hard work, the villain theme party took place with costumes prepared by each group before arrival. Bloody vampires, mad scientists with huge glasses, teachers and their calculators, cowboys and their hats created the perfect spooky party atmosphere and an interesting mix of antiheroes.

    Aside from being antagonists, the MAEUR team had time to create new friendships, unforgettable experiences and constantly answer the question “which study programme are you in?” with the help of other games and activities - table tennis, card games or mimosa yoga on a sunny November morning. The members created songs for MAEUR, celebrated a birthday of a member and took part in Cantus the last evening. A Cantus is a tradition of some student associations and is an event led by “seniors” who keep order and give directions. In the Cantus bible, favourite songs of MAEUR were compiled and later on in the evening collectively sung.

    Overall, the members figured out that the best villains are……. COWBOYS! They scored the most points on the activities and were rewarded with a certificate of achievement. This weekend helped everyone to get to know each other better, compile inside jokes and laugh until you could not breathe anymore!

    Big thank you to the activity committee and the MAEUR board for organizing such an unforgettable weekend! And a special shoutout to Apartt, Scheerder's and Magnet.me for sponsoring our active members sweaters!