Navigating the Marketing Job Market - Recap of MAcademy 1 by SchaalX

  • Navigating the Marketing Job Market - Recap of MAcademy 1 by SchaalX

    Michael van Klompenburg
    MAcademySkill development

    Are you a student about to step into the marketing job market in the Netherlands? The first training session of MAcademy, "From Student to Starter" provided by our partner SchaalX, has concluded, and it provided invaluable insights into how to bridge the gap between your student life and your marketing career.

    Understanding the Marketing Job Market in the Netherlands

    The workshop started off with some interactive statements about the job market, to let the students think about their future career. The workshop continued by delving into the ever-changing landscape of the marketing job market in the Netherlands. The impact of economic growth and other factors on the job market were discussed.


    Preparation for Success in the Marketing Job Market

    Another vital aspect of the workshop was preparing students for success in the marketing job market. For starting marketeers, nowadays, it is harder to find a starting position in marketing. SchaalX provided tips to prepare you for a starting position in the marketing job market. The attending students were challenged to think about various job options and organizations. Furthermore, SchaalX highlighted the importance of gaining practical experience as a student.

    In conclusion, the workshop not only enhanced the personal branding of the participating students but also equipped them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the competitive marketing job market.


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