MAEUR behind the scenes at Creative Clicks

  • MAEUR behind the scenes at Creative Clicks

    Marketing & Branding Committee

    Looking over the famous Rijksmuseum, the Creative Clicks office is conveniently located in the heart of Amsterdam. Last Wednesday MAEUR and the marketing association of Amsterdam (MAA) had the amazing opportunity to get a look behind the scenes of their daily operations. Greeted by little cupcakes and juice, our members had an insightful day full of presentations and case discussions. Next to this, guests had the opportunity to get their CV checked by the recruiter of Creative Clicks. 

    Company Introduction

    The first presentation contained an introduction to the company. Founded in 2009, Creative Clicks has over 10 years of experience in performance marketing. They highly value diversity, and believe this is key to their driving success. Next to this, Creative Clicks employees all exhibit what they call the “3 E’s”: Energetic, Entrepreneurial and an (digital) Expert. 

    Insight in the media buying team

    After this short introduction, we quickly moved on to the presentation of the media buying team. This team is responsible for the buying of digital advertising space, for example banners on websites or youtube ads. The team discussed the opportunities that come from digitalization, like specific targeting based on general interests. However, they warned to not lose sight of your goal. As the goal of awareness often requires a very different strategy than the goal of engagement. Then the guests were able to apply what they learned to a real-life business case the team is currently working on. In groups, the best type of platform and form of targeting for a fitness platform was discussed. 

    Insight in the marcom team

    Up next was the presentation of the marcom team, which is responsible for not only the overall communication and branding of the company, but also events and employer branding. Their goal is to elevate Creative Clicks to premier status in respective industries and position them as the first choice for partners and talents in performance marketing. The marcom team is also responsible for Creative Clicks’s own creative studio, where content is being created for internal clients and external stakeholders. For example, they recently filmed ‘wall yoga workouts’ that are used for a new fitness platform. Creative Clicks’ strength lies in the fusion of data driven marketing and the creative studio. 

    Office tour

    The guests also got a quick office tour! Amsterdam is the headquarters of Creative Clicks, but they have offices all over the world, including Beijing and San Francisco. This means there is always someone somewhere in the world available. The office in Amsterdam has 3 floors, with spacious rooms and a modern look to it. The upper floor is the ‘chill and party’ area including terrace, DJ booth and kitchen. Here lunch and snacks are provided daily. 

    Insight in the mobile team

    The last presentation was given by the mobile team. This team is the largest and oldest part of the company. They keep themselves busy with anything related to services that customers pay for via their mobile provider. They provide for markets all over the world and have a diverse portfolio with a range of products related to (e-)sports, games, streaming platforms, e-learning and so on. 

    More about Creative Clicks?

    Overall, Creative Clicks provided an amazing insightful day into topics inside of performance marketing, and their company. If you’re interested in learning more about Creative Clicks and their job opportunities, you can visit their website and socials listed below.

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