Tips and tricks to help you kickstart your career

  • Tips and tricks to help you kickstart your career

    Will you graduate and start looking for a job in 2024? Then read on to make sure you kickstart your career!

    The job market consists of many types of companies, from start ups and scale ups to corporates and multinationals. If you have no idea yet what type of company sparks your interest, then find out How to choose a company to work for after graduating.

    Are you interested in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry? Then find out what companies are in this sector and how to land an internship or job at one of these companies by reading Working in the FMCG industry.

    Are you ready to apply? Then it’s time to compose a strong cover letter! Find out how in the article How to write a strong cover letter.

    After your application, you’ll hopefully get invited to an interview. To ace your interview, read more about What questions to ask during your interview and How to rock your video interview. You’ll definitely make a strong impression after reading these tips!

    In the process of finding and landing your first job or internship, there’s a lot to learn. For example, it’s important to know How to negotiate your salary. Also, rejection might occur. Read more about How to deal with rejection from an employer, but also How to reject a job offer if you are not 100% convinced yourself.

    Want to make sure you put the right skills on your CV to improve your (future) employer? Then find out more about Time management skills, Communication skills or Problem solving skills.

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