An insight into the world of recruitment at PageGroup

  • An insight into the world of recruitment at PageGroup

    By Zoë Albers

    The 25th of April marked an exciting opportunity for MAEUR members as they embarked on a company visit close to home. In the heart of Rotterdam at Weena, they were warmly welcomed at the recruitment company PageGroup, with snacks already waiting on the table. This company, which has been one of the generous sponsors of our international marketing trip to Madrid this year, now enabled a company visit in which they offered insights into the world of recruitment and first hand experience through an interactive case study. 

    Close to four decades ago, PageGroup was established in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, it's renowned worldwide as a top specialist in recruiting both permanent and interim professionals. With over 150 offices spanning across more than 35 countries, the company offers their clients - from SMEs to multinational corporations - unique access to a diverse pool of talent, both nationally and internationally.

    We were warmly welcomed and treated to an insightful overview of what the company does, gaining valuable insights into their organizational values and the career trajectory of individuals within the company. This introductory session not only acquainted us with the esteemed company but also provided a glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead in the field of recruitment. Following this, we delved deeper into the intricacies of recruitment, learning about the essential characteristics and skills required to excel in this dynamic role. It was a comprehensive introduction that laid a solid foundation for the immersive experiences that awaited us throughout the day.

    In a recruitment case study, we were tasked with identifying the most suitable candidates for a job opening. Armed with CVs, interview summaries, and job descriptions, we collaborated in groups to evaluate each candidate thoroughly. This collaborative effort fosters teamwork and communication skills while mirroring real-world recruitment scenarios. Once candidates were selected, we got the opportunity to articulate our rationale through persuasive presentations. After the presentations were finished the representatives from PageGroup asked some tough questions about why we chose specific candidates. Through this experiential learning journey, we have gained practical insights into recruitment best practices and developed essential skills such as critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. 

    After the presentations, the day concluded with delicious snacks, providing us with a relaxed environment to unwind and engage in informal discussions. This informal setting allowed us to reflect on our experiences, share insights, and build lasting connections—a fitting end to a day of immersive learning and collaboration.

    We would like to thank PageGroup for having us!