About DEPT

What we do
Digital is not a trend, it’s a fact. And to be successful as a brand, you need to lead the way. Dept is an international family of specialist digital agencies, filled with the best people in our industry who have one thing in common: They are winners.

Every day we help leading brands in making their business, media and marketing truly digital. We build a team that’s tailor-made to clients' targets. And we mix our skills in creativity, technology and data to find that one winning solution.

Wanna join us?
You spend almost half your waking life at work. That's a really depressing fact, unless you work in the best, funnest and most rewarding environment. So that's what we're all about. And it's not just about parties and free soda's (though, yes and yes) - it's about giving you the space to do what you're good at, and allowing you to learn the things you want to be better at.