About Wessanen

Wessanen, in the Netherlands mostly known for their brand Zonnatura, is active in healthy and sustainable food. Wessanen’s mission is healthier food, healthier people, healthier planet. The modern-day Wessanen has, in many ways, reconnected with its original green roots. We consider ourselves a family of people and businesses that share the same values and want to change the world of food for the better. We strive to encourage more and more people to switch to foods that have been produced with respect for people and planet. Fortunately, more and more consumers share our view. And while nobody can predict how the world will develop, we are confident that our 250-year-old business can look forward to a bright future.

Do you want to contribute to healthier food, healthier people, healthier planet and join the Wessanen family of companies? At Wessanen, healthy and sustainable food is at the core of our business. Our head offices are in Amsterdam and our offices and factories in different places around Europe.