For how many hours a week will I be involved in the Consultancy Project?

The workload of this project is around 12-14 hours a week, depending on the phase of the project. If you apply as a Team Lead, this will take 1-2 hours extra per week, as you will be the contact person for all parties. Due to the practical nature of the project, the schedule will be flexible to combine with a minor or part-time internship – you can plan your schedule together with your group and the company itself.


How does the application process work?

Students can register via the MAEUR website as from June 1, 2024: In order to apply successfully, you must upload your CV and short motivation in addition to filling in the requested information. The registration deadline for the MAEUR Consultancy Project is the 10th of September 2024. After applying, we will review your application and invite your for an interview at the MAEUR office. The selection of participants will be made based on your CV, motivation, and the interview. During the interview, we will further discuss your motivation, competencies and experience. Previous consulting experience is not mandatory but a pré. 


Am I eligible to apply for the project?

All Bachelor-3/4 and Master students with an interest in business administration, marketing, data analytics, economics, and/or communication can apply!


Which company will I be doing the Consultancy Project for?

This will be announced end of September/early October during the kick-off session of the project. We work together with a variety of organizations who we consider to be a great match for business, marketing, data and economics students. Previous projects varied from market entry strategies, competition analysis, to market research for companies in the fashion industry, games of chance, municipalities, and many more. The project 2023/2024 was done for Today's Milk, with the mentoring of Eurékon Strategy Consulting.


Can I put the MAEUR Consultancy Project on my CV? 

Yes, due to the practical nature of the project, it is a very valuable addition to your CV!

Applications are open!