Applications are open!

''The MAEUR Consultancy Project is a great way to gain real consulting experience as a student. MAEUR provides the perfect platform to improve pitching and team working skills and gives you a great head start for a career in consulting.''

Welcome to the MAEUR Consultancy Project, where EUR students join forces as real student consultants to delve into real-life challenges within a company. In teams of 5 to 6, they bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the forefront.

What sets the project apart is the invaluable guidance during the project, provided by expert consultants from an experienced consultancy firm. Throughout the entire journey, these experienced mentors will steer and advise the student consultant teams. Running from the end of September 2024 to the end of January 2025, this project is open to any motivated third-year or master's students, with an interest in business administration, marketing, data analytics, economics, and/or communication. 

Why participate?

The MAEUR Consultancy Project is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience within a company, in order to develop yourself professionally and socially in various aspects.

By participating, you will:

  • Gain experience as a student consultant under guidance of a consultancy company
  • Put your theory to use in the practical setting
  • Strengthen your analytical and management skills
  • Broaden your network and come into contact with your potential employers
  • Boost your CV with practical skills
  • Learn to work closely with a team 
  • Become a member of MAEUR (for free!): get inspired during different events and meet new people during member activities

All third-(/fourth-)year bachelor & master students  (academic year 2024-2025) will be able to apply for the MAEUR Consultancy Project. During the entire project, you will be guided by a consultant from a consultancy firm.

Edward Diederen, Student Consultant 2023/2024: ''This project has introduced me to the field of consulting and has rapidly enhanced my skills. For me, this was decisive in choosing a career in strategy consulting.''

The process

End of September / October 2024: Preparation

The project will start with a kick-off meeting with the other participants and the first meeting with the company. During the kick-off meeting you will get to know each other and what project you will be working on for the upcoming months. By visiting the company you will know for whom you are conducting the research and all your questions can be answered.

October – December 2024: Research

You will start with the actual research in October. During this phase of the project, knowledge and data is gathered about the company and/or the market.

December 2024 – January 2025: Completion and reporting

The results of the desk and field research will eventually be combined and documented in a final deliverable. This deliverable must be submitted to the case company in January. To conclude your research, you will present your findings to the company.

What is expected from you? 

  • Attendance at offical project kick-off end of September
  • Meeting at the office of your case company to get started in beginning October
  • Weekly meetings with your group to work on the project
  • Weekly update meetings with the consultancy firm / case company
  • Final presentation at the company in January


The project runs from October 2024 until January 2025. It will take approximately 12 to 16 hours per week, depening on the phase of the project. 

Looking for an extra challenge? Apply as Team Lead!

As a Team Lead, you will be the main contact person with MAEUR, with your mentor and the company you're working for. This requires excellent communication skills, providing structure, and keeping an overview of the project. 

More information?

The selection of participants will be made based on your CV, motivation, and an interview. More information can be found in the student brochure! 

For questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to Michael van Klompenburg at