About Topdesk

Let’s go back in time. In the nineties, Dutch students Frank and Wolter were working their way through university as help desk operators. They saw a lot happening that could be done more effectively. They rolled up their sleeves and set up shop in a little attic in Delft. Their goal? Helping organizations make their services better, simpler and smarter. TOPdesk employees have always been given the freedom to come up with their own ideas and assemble the teams and resources they need. This focus on freedom and shared responsibility brought us where we are today: TOPdesk has over 900 employees, helping out across the globe to elevate the lives of over 4500 customers.

We might be large, but we’ve never stopped believing in our core values: listening to the customer’s needs, and giving employees the trust, freedom and responsibility to climb mountains. Trust means I can do it; Freedom means I can decide how to do it; Responsibility means I will do the right thing. Because happy employees make happy customers. At TOPdesk, discovery never stops. As one worldwide team, we’re guiding each other towards new paths and providing opportunities for personal and professional development. These opportunities take form in 10 to grow where you can use 10% of your yearly salary and 10% of your time to develop yourself professionally or personally. Together with your Talent Lead you find the right path for you.