MAEUR X Promoguy

Promoguy will be one of the guiding consultancy firms for our upcoming MAEUR Consultancy Project 2024/2025. For students interested in this unique extracurricular challenge, please visit our MAEUR Consultancy Project page.



About Promoguy

Promoguy is more than a marketing company: We are a friend group who are marketing professionals who excel in our areas of expertise. From the dry, analytical number-crunching and tracking most companies are afraid of to the creatives and content that have people clamouring to learn more about you, we create what is needed. We promise one thing above all: No Bullshit!


What we offer:

We are here to tell your brand’s story using numbers, data, research, and analytics through creatives. Our services encompass a wide range of marketing fields and we tailor our scope of work to your precise needs. We are adept in building and optimising websites, running paid media campaigns, content strategy, analytics, and so much more from our skill inventory.