Today's Milk

MAEUR X Today's Milk

Today's Milk was the case company for the MAEUR Bachelor Consultancy Project 2023/2024. Our students worked on improving their perspectivity model. As a result, Today's Milk can now better inventarize the marketing mix by their clients.


About Today's Milk

Today's Milk stands for successful brand campaigns through 'Connective Content' and the right use of media. Relevant campaigns that are 'on brand,' 'on point,' and 'on time' based on insights from data and the use of the right technology and creativity. For today's agency, data and technology serve as a springboard for ideas because for content that truly 'connects,' creativity alone is no longer sufficient. This requires a human vision with technological precision, drawing on insights from data, and tested against culture, with the 'new creative' serving as the curator of new technologies.